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The baby gorilla in the ultrasound can be seen moving inside its mother, Pele (pictured)They are critically endangered and threatened by hunting and deforestation in the wild.But there is hope for the Western lowland gorilla – in captivity at least – where successful breeding programmes are underway.Now, zoologists at Busch Gardens Tampa in Florida, have shared rare footage of a gorilla ultrasound.The baby gorilla can be seen moving inside its mother’s womb and its little hand is easily distinguishable. Its mother, named Pele, is expected to give birth next month after a gestation period of eight and a half months.Pele came to Busch Gardens in February 2010 from the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas.She quickly integrated into the park’s gorilla troop, and Bolingo – one of Busch Gardens’ male gorillas – took an interest in her almost immediately and is thought to be the father.As well as being threatened by human behaviour such as illegal hunting for their skins and meat and deforestation, female Western lowland gorillas do not produce many offspring.This is because they do not reach sexual maturity until the age of eight or nine and look after their dependent young for up to five years.Mothers spend a lot of time tending to their newborns, which are tiny compared to powerful adults and weigh just four pounds. 
Landslide detector could save thousands: Optical fibre sensors act as a nervous system to detect the movement of earth
Is this our earliest ancestor? Bizarre round 600-million-year-old fossils may be the remains of the world’s oldest creatures
Busch Gardens Theme Parks in Tampa and Williamsburg

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Toro Rosso prodigy Max Verstappen will become the youngest ever driver to participate at a Grand Prix weekend when he gets behind the wheel in Fridays first practice in Japan.The teenager has already been announced as a driver for next season by the Faenza-based team and, on Friday, will take the car of Jean-Eric Vergne, whom the Belgian-born Dutchman will replace in 2015.Verstappen, who turns 17 on Tuesday, has attracted criticism from some corners of Formula One, with his detractors insisting he is too young to compete at the highest level, but he will get the opportunity to prove his talent later this week.
Toro Rosso prodigy Max Verstappen will become the youngest ever driver to participate at Grand Prix levelIt is good preparation for next year, even if its not something I could have imagined a few months ago, he said on Toro Rossos official website.To already be participating in a practice session is, of course, a dream come true.While Verstappen, the son of former F1 driver Jos, will make history on Friday, he is not expecting to make an impact on the track, particularly at one of the most notoriously difficult circuits in the sport.For me it will be a very valuable experience, spending some time in the car and also getting used to working with everyone in the team, to prepare myself for next year, he added.
Diego Costa trains with Chelsea as Jose Mourinho prepares for Champions League clash with Sporting Lisbon in Portugal
West Ham defender James Tomkins fined £3,500 after pleading guilty to assaulting police officer 
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Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand were Manchester Uniteds defensive bedrock for years but since leaving they have suffered nightmare starts at Inter Milan and QPR
Calum Chambers nominates Arsenal and Southampton players after completing new Uppies For Autism challenge
Cheick Tiote has two wives AND a mistress as Newcastle midfielder falls foul of lover after marrying for second time during visit to Ivory Coast
Fulham got it all wrong this summer… instead of wheeling and dealing, Felix Magath should have followed Norwich 
Galatasaray and Besiktas fans on polices radar when 5,800 supporters of Turkish clubs arrive to face Arsenal and Tottenham

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Editors note: This piece, and several others on Bali, complement the CNNGo TV series. This months show features a tour with legendary Indonesian surfer Rizal Tandjung, a trip to the green fields of Ubud for some babi guling with artist Natisa Jones and a visit to a bar where the hip and beautiful play: www.cnn.com/cnngo
(CNN) — This is where it all started, says Rizal Tandjung, gazing out over a sandy shoreline lapped by dying breakers.
Almost 40 years old, Tandjung is one of Balis surfing pioneers.
Picking up his first board at the age of eight, hes now a professional surfer, owner of multiple surf shops and president of a clothing company, Hurley Indonesia/Bali.
Were standing on Kuta Beach, a five kilometer stretch of white sand thats one of the most popular tourist areas on the Indonesian island of Bali.
Once a small fishermans village, todays Kuta is anything but quiet.
Large commercial airplanes cruising into Ngurah Rai International Airport fly over the heads of surfers. Beach loungers are scattered down the shore as far as the eye can see, fighting for space with the multiple surf schools catering to tourists with Endless Summer dreams.
Tandjung walks us over to a little hut on the beach where we meet Made Switra, a surf shop owner, painter and leisure surfer who also grew up in Kuta.
Hes the one, the first generation, the first kid from the fisherman village to surf, says Tandjung.
Switra, tanned from all those hours in the water, sits with one leg propped up as he fiddles with his fishing pole.
I started surfing from a fisherman boat. They had wood from a chair, so I started kind of boogie boarding with that and then found a few boards left from Westerners, Switra says.
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Rizal Tanjung has been competing in the Rip Curl Cup every year since its inception in 2004.

Bali a late arrival to global surf scene
Switra and Tandjung are part of the breakthrough generation of Indonesian surfers.
Despite Bali being an obvious surf paradise, with its consistent waves and welcoming warm water, it wasnt until the late 1960s and 70s that it made its way onto the global surfing map.
Hawaii, Australia and California were the three big players.
But with the 1971 documentary Morning of the Earth, Bali finally got its recognition, as scenes of Uluwatus barreling waves caused surfers around the world to grip their wax in excitement.
With that recognition, Indonesian surfers eventually moved into the sport — but not before overcoming some cultural taboos.
Indonesians believe that the ocean is very, very dangerous and the sea god is going to take you away, explains Tandjung.
Many kids of his generation grew up not knowing how to swim, he says. Even today, some fisherman still cant.
Tandjung and Switra were viewed as rebels when they began surfing, ignoring their familys objections and defying any fear, he says.
Today, that societal unease is slipping away and fishermen see surfing as a business opportunity.
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Using their boats to take surfers out to further breaks inaccessible from the shore — such as a popular set of reef waves near Kutas airport runway — has led families to accept that surfing can pay the bills.
Jason Childs, a surf photographer based in Bali, has seen the evolution of surfing culture here.
Lifes too good and they know it, he says.
They surf with the best surfers on the best waves on a daily basis.
Though Indonesian surfers have been gracing the pages of international surf magazines for about a decade, Childs believes it takes a certain fire in their bellies to get out of their comfort zone and to the next level.
Childs cant recall the first time he photographed Tandjung, but believes it must have been when he was about 16 years old.
He points out that Tandjung is not Balinese but Chinese Indonesian, so its been even harder for him to be accepted into the local surf scene here.
Its made him have to work harder.
And its paid off, with Tandjung paving the way for future surfers.

Padang Padang is one of the best surf spots in Bali.

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Will a Balinese surfer ever top the podium?
Nowadays, hardcore surfers head for Padang Padang in Balis southern Uluwatu area.
Filled with high-speed waves, it has some of the best — and most dangerous– surf in Bali.
Just to the left of the rock enclosed beach are those world-famous barrels.
Tandjung has taken us here for a practice session leading up to the big annual Rip Curl tournament, which hes been chasing every year since its inception in 2004.
In tow is Tandjungs son, Varun, a name which means god of the sea.
Varun and his friends beg to go out and try the big barrels.
The boy finally gets his wish and paddles out side by side with Tandjung, even getting to catch a few waves in between world-renowned pros like Bethany Hamilton.
Childs figures this new generation of Balinese surfers — boys and girls — is the best yet to come out of Bali, but it still could be another 20 to 30 years before a Balinese tops the surfing world.
But theyll find their way there with style and grace, he says.
Its not very often you see an ugly Balinese surfer, says Childs.
If you could build a surfer, the Balinese are close to perfect. They can jump to their feet effortlessly. Theyre beautiful to watch.
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